Learn to carve on a snowboard


Carving on a snowboard is an art form. You can either do it or you can’t. And there are those who can do it and those who can do it really well. We’re talking about those guys and gals who are getting knee drags, elbow touches or even the full chest touch during a carve. Ever see those guys doing Euro Carves? We’re talking about working to be that good but on a normal snowboard with soft boots. Being able to utilize your snowboard to its maximum potential is not easy but its incredibly addicting once you learn. Like anything else, there’s a progression to do it really, really well.

There’s a certain satisfaction in snowboarding when you’re able to look back up the mountain and see your carvess. And not half heartedly being able to decide which ones are yours. You’ll know. And we know you’ll know because when you’re good enough, you leave those 4 inch trenches behind you. And that’s a great feeling.

Carving Lessons
Carving Lesson

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How Much Does It Cost?


Our carving lessons are $175 for a two hour session and offer discounted rates if you book 3 or more lessons at once. There’s no commitment up front here either. Simply contact us inquiring about lessons, set a date, time and don’t pay until the end of the lesson! We take PayPal, Visas, Checks & Cash. For more info on pricing and what you’ll need for your lesson, view our pricing page.

We try not to go over two hours because often times we see students becoming tired after that amount of time. We work you. But we work you within your limits and safety is our number one concern. At the end of each lesson, we’ll text you your key learn focus points so you don’t forget and you can continue to work on them throughout the day!

Our Promise To You


Our goal is to help you improve your snowboarding and to have fun while doing it. We hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to customer service in the industry as well. We work to get to know you and your goals so we can create a customized lesson plan that suits the way you learn. We put in the extra effort to help you become the best snowboarder you can and offer carving lessons that will exceed your expectations. If you’re not satisfied with your lesson, it’s on us!

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