About David:

David comes from a diverse background of athletics. He began skiing at a young age but picked up snowboarding at age 12 and hasn’t looked back since. Growing up in Pennsylvania didn’t allow him to experience the most technical terrain but this is where he perfected riding in below average conditions i.e. ice which has prepared him for everything mother nature can throw at him. As his passion for snowboarding grew, so did his desire to explore and that’s where he found himself in New Zealand before moving on to teaching his first season in Japan. David always had a strong desire to move to the Pacific Northwest so upon moving back to the U.S. he packed up his car from Pennsylvania and has been in Seattle ever since. He’s an experienced rider who can handle just about anything and loves it all from powder days to groomers to lapping the park.

Private Snowboard Lessons


  • From: Pennsylvania

  • Experience: 17 Years Snowboarding

  • Teaching:  5 Years

  • Certification: New Zealand Snowboard Instructor Alliance

  • Favorite Place to Snowboard: Japan… Ja-Pow!

  • Riding Style: Aggressive All Mountain

  • Where He Rides: Steven’s Pass or Crystal Mountain

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