Snowboarding Lessons Seattle

Welcome to Seattle Snowboard Instructor! Here we’re passionate about teaching others the beauty of the sport. So many people are self taught snowboarders yet lack the fundamental techniques that can drastically improve performance, fun and overall progression. If you love snowboarding but feel like you’re struggling to handle steeper slopes, ride rough terrain or are simply looking to improve your snowboarding, we know how to help you out.

My name is David Fraser and I’m the owner of Seattle Snowboard Instructor. I have over 15 years of experience on the wooden plank and have a serious powder addiction. Snowboarding has taken me all over the world and it’s truly an incredible sport. Growing up as a self taught snowboarder, I was unaware of the techniques and mechanics available to help improve my riding. I hit a plateau. And although I still enjoyed snowboarding, it was lacking the progression I needed. That all changed when I went to New Zealand and learned the ins and outs to take me to where I am today. Over the years, I’ve put together a team of experienced, certified instructors to help beginners, intermediate and advanced riders progress in the sport. Contact us and let’s see what we can do to take your riding to the next level.

Snowboarding Lessons Seattle

Private Snowboard Lessons


Are you the type of rider who struggles on steep slopes? Or maybe you’ve taken a group lesson but you’re still having a hard time linking turns? Or maybe you’re an experienced rider looking to venture into the backcountry or need some help in the trees? A private snowboard lesson is the easiest way to improve your riding. Working with Seattle Snowboard Instructor you’ll have the opportunity to work 1 on 1 with an Internationally recognized instructor to help you achieve your goals. It’s more expensive than a group lesson, but you get what you pay for and you’ll learn a ton.


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Learn to Ride Powder 


It happens every year. That one mega storm that brings copious amounts of snow to all the mountains around. We’re talking 3+ feet of snow. You’re beyond excited. You set your alarm for 5 a.m. the next day to be first on the chair lift. Only, when you get to the top, strap in and try to get going, you spend more time going nowhere and digging yourself out of the snow. It can be a frustrating learning process if you don’t have the right knowledge of how to ride powder properly. Learn more about how to snowboard in powder.


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Snowboarding Lessons Seattle
Snowboarding Lessons Seattle

Personal Resort Guide


So you’ve made it to the Pacific Northwest. Congrats! You’ve probably heard the stories of the mountains receiving abnormal amounts of snow. And you’re excited to get out there and explore your first mountain out here in the PNW. With as much terrain as you can handle, and often times even more, where do you begin? With so many options on just ONE mountain, its difficult to determine where the best areas are on the mountain. Avoid the crowds and find the sweet spots with a personal resort guide to show you around the mountain!


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Crystal Mountain Snowboard Lessons


If you haven’t heard of Crystal Mountain yet, now you have. Crystal Mountain is one of the most picturesque ski resorts in the region and it’s an employee favorite here at Seattle Snowboard Instructor. With gorgeous views of Mt Rainier and the surrounding cascades, it’s hard to beat. It has a ton of variety that is able to entertain beginner riders all the way up to experts. If you’re in the area and are planning to ride Crystal Mountain, reach out to us!

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Crystal Mountain Snowboarding Lessons



David is a wonderful snowboard instructor! I had never been on a snowboard before my lesson and by the end of my first lesson I was linking turns. When I came back up to Seattle this winter I contacted David again and am now able to make my way down the mountain without falling! Pretty impressive for someone as uncoordinated as me. – Karlee G.


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A Note To The Student


Here at Seattle Snowboard Instructor, we’re just a bunch of fun loving people who can’t get enough of snowboarding. We eat, sleep and dream it. You can find us lapping the park, ripping groomers or exploring the backcountry and off piste terrain. We love it all. And we want others to enjoy the sport with us. Our passion helps us fuel the best lessons around. We enjoy getting to know our clients in each lesson and we feel that adds a personal touch to your already customized lesson plan. We’ll work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals. See you on the mountain!

Snowboarding Lessons Seattle

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